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Fast-Flor Frequently Asked Questions

» CrownWall Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flast-Flor?
Fast-Flor is a durable, plastic interlocking "floating" floor tile.

What is Fast-Flor made of?
Fast-Flor is made from 100% virgin polypropylene plastic. This compound is highly resistant to: chemicals, impact and corrosion.

Where can Fast-Flor be used?
Residential garages, basements, around swimming pools, industrial plants and warehouses, showrooms, exhibit halls, schools, play grounds, outdoor patios, decks even boats.

What makes Fast-Flor different from other floor coverings?
Fast-Flor tiles have 8 latch locks on each edge of the tile making the tile much more secure. Each tile contains a series of built in expansion joints so the tiles will not buckle. Competing tiles have only 4 latch locks per edge with no expansion joints.

Why do Fast-Flor tiles have small holes in them?
Two reasons. The holes allow for water, slush and debris to drain through which is very important. This way the floor always stays clean and dry. The holes also improve traction reducing the chances of slipping.

Do I need to prep the under floor before I install Fast-Flor?
Not really. Just sweep and collect debris then rinse with garden hose or high pressure wash.

What equipment do I need to lay the tiles?
Basic rubber pallet, hand trim saw or jig saw.

How do I install the Fast-Flor tiles?
By connecting the male locks from one tile to the female locks on another tile then strike down on them with a rubber mallet or simply walk over the tiles.

Can Fast-Flor tiles be used outdoors?
Yes. Fast-Flor is excellent for porches, patios, concrete decks and pathways.

What is the best way to clean the tiles?
Simply rinse with garden hose or high pressure wash. You can even vacuum the tiles. For heavily soiled floors, apply diluted car wash soap with a sponge mop then rinse. For spot cleaning and stains, we recommend Armour All General Purpose cleaner.

Where are the Fast-Flor tiles sold?
Fast-Flor can be purchased through our independent dealers. If there is no dealer in your area, you may purchase the tiles directly from our warehouse in Ontario, Canada. We ship all over North America via UPS ground service.

Does a minimum quantity apply to your standard colours?
Not at all. You can order as little as a single tile if you like!

How many colors do you sell?
There are 9 standard colors. Black, white, light grey, grey, beige, green, blue, terracotta and red.

Are the Fast-Flor tiles available in any other sizes besides 12" x 12"?

How do you finish off the edges?
With a 12" edge ramp. The edge ramp transitions the " thick tile to the subfloor. Edge ramps are manufactured in black only.

CrownWall Frequently Asked Questions

I own inexpensive plastic furniture that I bought at a local home improvement center. It became off-colored after the first year in my backyard. Will CrownWall change color or turn yellow?
No. Color problems generally result from insufficient sun protectant. Acclaim Design & Profiles Inc. produces 100% of their products using the best UV protectors and impact modifiers available.

Can I paint my CrownWall panels?
Vinyl can be painted with special epoxy-based paints. However, we don't recommend it. This type of paint damages the vinyl surface in order to adhere and doing so would void your warranty.

Why isn't CrownWall offered in darker colors?
Dark colors require a reformulated vinyl with more expensive sun block additives. With the current technology, this makes the finished product cost-prohibitive. Also, our testing shows that the projected life span doesn't meet our standards. A lot of research in this area has been made so you can expect color changes to expand in the future.

How do I know if CrownWall is made from a quality vinyl?
To create a durable, outdoor-grade vinyl, it's important that essential ingredients in the precise amounts are used. Acclaim Design & Profiles Inc. produces 100% of their products using the best UV protectors and impact modifiers available. Besides the right formula, the quality of the ingredients determines its performance and longevity.

Is the vinyl in CrownWall safe? I'd like to reduce my family's exposure to chemicals.
CrownWall is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Our products eliminate the dangerous chemicals used to preserve, treat and clean wood products.

The three most widely used wood preservatives contain highly toxic pesticides to ward off pests and rot. People and animals are at risk if these are inhaled, absorbed or ingested. These chemicals also leach into the surrounding soil, which remains contaminated for years.

If I have a fire, will my CrownWall System burn and release toxic fumes?
CrownWall is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. Chlorine in vinyl helps stop it from burning. Extensive testing shows that vinyl is not an unusual fire hazard. Emissions when burned are similar to many common natural and synthetic materials and aren't reported excessive in real fire conditions. If the flame is continuous and hot enough, the vinyl will "melt".

Can the CrownWall system be a fire risk?
Extensive testing shows that vinyl poses no unusual health risks when burned. CrownWall is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing.

Is CrownWall environmentally safe?
Yes. CrownWall is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Our products eliminate the dangerous chemicals used to preserve, treat and clean wood fence and decks.

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